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Heemstedestraat Family Practice

Unfortunately, due to staff shortages and the summer holidays, we are only able to provide replacements to a limited extent. As a result, we will be forced to limit our accessibility on some days.

This will mean that on some days from 12 noon we can only be reached by telephone for emergencies and collegial consultations. An emergency is a life-threatening condition or something that cannot wait until the next morning.

We advise you to call in the morning to schedule an appointment.
Thank you for understanding.

Information regarding an appointment

For any medical problem, please call the practice first. We will assess your situation to see whether we can schedule an appointment for you at the practice.

Because we’re currently getting a large number of calls, we ask you to use the telephone consultation only for short questions.

Stay at home or call the doctor?

Do you have a cold or is your temperature lower than 38 degrees Celsius? Stay at home until you start feeling better. Keep your distance from other people in order not to infect them. You do not need to call your doctor. You can also check our homepage and after choosing your language use the algorithm ” Should i go to the doctor”

More information

At this moment our practice is closed for new patients

At the moment we are closed for new patients. Later, you’ll be welcome again to register as a new patient only if you live in the close neighbourhood.
Check the zipcodes under “Practice Information” > “New patients”

For more information on the Dutch healthcare system, visit Healthcare in the Netherlands.